August 11, 2017

On Original Sin in Vol I of the Works - Edwards - IX - Chapter 1 and 2 of Part III

Required readingThe great Christian doctrine of original sin defended in Volume I of the Works by Jonathan Edwards (Available from Amazon or free here) - Read Part III.

My summary.
This week Edwards teaches us that original sin is shown by Christ's redemption.

In Chapter 1, Edwards says that humans (both adults and infants) must have original sin because Christ redeemed sinners who deserved destruction.

Then in Chapter 2, Edwards demonstrates that the application of redemption implies original sin.  It is shown in the way Scripture describes the Christian experience of:
(i) repentance and conversion;
(ii) circumcision of the heart;
(iii) spiritual resurrection;
(iv) having a new heart and new spirit;
(v) putting off the old man and putting on the new man;
(vi) being created anew.

What grabbed me
I always like the point that if Christ didn't die for sinners, he died in vain: 'If all mankind, in all parts of the world, have such sufficient power to do their whole duty, without being sinful in any degree, then they have sufficient power to obtain righteousness by the law: and then, according to the apostle Paul, Christ is dead in vain. Gal. ii. 21. "If righteousness come by law, Christ is dead in vain;"...And according to the sense in which he explains this very place, "it would have frustrated, or rendered useless, the grace of God, if Christ died to accomplish what was or might have been effected by law itself, without his death." So that it most clearly follows from his own doctrine, that Christ is dead in vain, and the grace of God is useless. The same apostle says, if there had been a law which could have given life, verily righteousness should have been by the law, Gal. iii. 21. i. e. (still according to Dr. T.'s own sense,) if there was a law, that man, in his present state, had sufficient power perfectly to fulfil.'

A denial of sin, is a denial of the Saviour.

Next week's reading
Read Chapters 1 & 2 of Part IV.

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