September 27, 2019

Theological Questions in Vol I of the Works - Edwards - I

Required reading
Theological Questions in Vol I of the Works by Jonathan Edwards - (Available from Amazon or free here) - Read Theological Questions

My summary
Today we simply read a list of 90 theological questions which I'm guessing were written by Edwards, not the editors of his Works.

The subject matter of the questions include:
(i) creation;
(ii) God's attributes;
(iii) the persons of God;
(iv) knowledge of God;
(v) decrees and covenants of God;
(vi) sin, including the fall;
(vii) redemption and atonement;
(viii) hell and heaven;
(ix) ecclesiology.

What grabbed me
Some of the questions are easy to answer, some are not so easy.  

But many are very important.  Including: 'Why was an atonement, and one so precious as the blood of Christ, necessary?'

You could spend a lifetime writing an answer and still not fully answer that one.

Next week's reading
Commence Miscellaneous Discourses in Vol 2 of the Works by Jonathan Edwards (Available from Amazon or free here) by reading Sections I to IV of 'Men naturally are God's enemies'.

Now it's your turn
Please post your own notes and thoughts in the comments section below.

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