November 9, 2018

Misrepresentations Corrected and Truth Vindicated in Vol I of the Works - Edwards - IV - Part II concluded

Required readingMisrepresentations Corrected and Truth Vindicated in Vol I of the Works by Jonathan Edwards (Available from Amazon or free here) - Conclude Part II by reading Sections VIII and IX.

My summary.
Firstly, today, Edwards argues against the notion that moral sincerity is the qualification which entitles, and gives a lawful right, to sacraments.  Edwards says: 'Now sincerity, in the general notion of it, is an honest conformity of some profession or outward show of some inward property or act of mind, to the truth and reality of it. If there be a show or pretence of what is not, and has no real existence, then the pretence is altogether vain; it is only a pretence, and nothing else: and therefore is a pretence or show without any sincerity, of any kind, either moral or gracious.'
Next Edwards examines what Mr W. says about the owning of the covenant by professors.  This includes looking at the admission of ancient Israelites and Jewish Christians into the covenant.

What grabbed me
I liked Edwards' firmness: 'There is no such thing as moral sincerity, in the covenant of grace, distinct from gracious sincerity. If any sincerity at all be requisite in order to a title to the seals of the covenant of grace, doubtless it is the sincerity which belongs to that covenant. But there is only one sort of sincerity which belongs to that covenant; and that is a gracious sincerity. There is but one sort of faith belonging to that covenant; and that is saving faith in Jesus Christ, called in Scripture unfeigned faith. As for the faith of devils, it is not the faith of the covenant of grace.'

If you don't share in God's grace, you have no share in the seals of his grace.

Next week's reading
Commence Part III by reading Sections I to V.

Now it's your turn
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